I've been educating myself through these forums, read the laser jammer FAQs, looked at some Cheetah wireless install videos (piqued my interest), read about V1 and how it's noisy but really sensitive. I just bought a 9500ix not too long ago on Ebay. So, I'm protected against constant-on radar and have read that you should use rabbits (cars driving ahead of you?) to avoid quick shot radar. I'm also not worried about red light camera since Charleston doesn't have those.

Next step is laser protection. I do have a can of Veil but I need active protection.

I'm thinking about getting an M-47 for front/rear protection from laser (hence, I do not own it...yet). Since it is illegal to use laser jammers in South Carolina, I'd like to avoid taking it to Best Buy (or any public place) for install.

So, before I plunge into this, I was wondering if there are any installers down here in Charleston? Also, I'd like to know if there are any testers around here as well? After all, it would be nice to know that the jammer actually jams laser after the installation was completed.