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    Default Blinder M47 installation cost estimate

    I have been waiting all winter for summer to get one of these and i would like to estimate how much it would cost me since i will be getting a radar detector too and want to make sure i will have enough money.

    I wouldnt know how to install this myself so i will have to pay for the installation.

    I live in Montreal, close to plattsburgh and Vermont and can drive there to pick up the blinder system and do the installation.

    I will also be getting the wireless laser jammer kit from Cheetah to connect it to the Cheetah GPS mirror that i already have.

    Any idea how much a blinder M47 installation with a Cheetah wireless kit on a 2001 Acura Integra Type R would cost me.

    If installation is too expensive, i might have to wait until next summer to get the laser jammer but would love to get one with my radar detector this summer.
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    Default Re: Blinder M47 installation cost estimate

    For a good installer, $60/hr minimum. Total of 1-2 hours for your setup, approx.

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    Default Re: Blinder M47 installation cost estimate


    In California I had to call a few different audio installation places... since there are no official places that can sell, buy, install, etc jammers.

    This place actually carries and installs 9500ci, and they agreed to do my Jammer for $150. Usually custom audio places are good because they are experienced with taking cars apart to install audio. Just make sure they do it right. :P

    P.S. The owner was selling the 9500ci as a passive legal jamming device in CA. I waited til after my install to explain the 9500ci to him and the ZR4 "shifter" that is uses. I don't think he liked to hear what I had to say... or the fact that I called it an active jammer. =/

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    Default Re: Blinder M47 installation cost estimate

    thanks guys, now that i have an idea of how much installation might cost, i just need to find an installer.




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