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    Default Blinder install questions

    I have a M47 but the wire on one of the heads was severed in an accident. Is it possible to solder the wires back together and have it preform the same as the other heads? My installer thinks that it would not be a good idea to try to reattach the cord.

    If I end up going with only 3 heads in the front, I was thinking the 3rd head would go in the bottom center of the lower grill. The other 2 would be either in the red or green spots. Would the red spots be sufficient? I know the green spots are more ideal but it might not be possible to mount anything in that location due to lack of mounting points.

    Vehicle is a gray 07 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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    Default Re: Blinder install questions

    I would think that the Red might be sufficient enough for the LI but with the M47 you will probably just have to go with the green to be safe, unless you throw some veil on the head lights, either way if you go with the Red defiantly test it out before relying on it

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    Default Re: Blinder install questions

    Two heads in the green should actually do it. But if you have three, then yes, that would be even better. Placement looks good.

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