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    Default Help me mount the M27

    So i mounted the M27 heads. You can see them in the pictures.

    I wanted to mount them next to the mazda symbol (refer to picture and red box).

    but there was no way to get the mounting system in. So if i wanted to mount them there i would need to use some epoxy or some 3m mounting tape.

    I think my heads might be mounted a little low. What do you guys think? should i move them up?
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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    Current position & the above Red squares = fail

    I'm not even going to suggest where those m27 needs to go for it to be somewhat effective with those fogs. I'll just say that to protect that front well you need an M47 IMHO and install them well. 2 in the grill above where you have the Red squares and as close to the headlights as possible and the other 2 closer to the fogs.

    Sending from my phone so I can't really make out if you have fogs or not, but you get the idea.

    If there are no fogs you should still install in the top grill as suggested above, but get it tested before putting any faith in it.
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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    2 in the Red and 1 down in lower section where plate would go.

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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    OP -whatever you choose to do make sure to get it tested.

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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    Blue seems stronger to me.

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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    Okay, so you guys agree i should get alteast another head.

    1) where can I get just the head? radar roy doesn't seem to sell just the heads.

    2) if i mount near the mazda symbol i would have to use some sort or adhesive because there is no way the mounting brackets would fit. i was thinking some epoxy? is that okay, or what would you recommend?

    3) i don't think i can mount at the blue. that's the bottom lip of the hood, not to mention that's where the turbo draws air from.

    4) anyone around atlanta, ga want to help me test it?
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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    Agree with blue positioning.

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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    +1 on blue. I was going to say that in the red spots it way to close

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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    I was going to suggest the blue spots also. I also think 2 heads is enough. Especially when the new software comes out.

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    Default Re: Help me mount the M27

    something like this ! should work good for you

    you'll have to do some cutting
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