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    Default Lased at the friggen arrival terminal-BWI

    Last night I got saved by the Blinder in a huge way. If you can believe, the police were running laser in the terminal area of Baltimore-Washington Intl Airport. The limit there is 15 MPH and with all of the activity of an arrival area, you couldn't see these guys at all. Even after my Blinder started screaming it took me a few seconds to even register that I was getting plastered. You're just not looking for a speedtrap in the terminal area. Thank god the device worked because they had a special area set up for them to write up tagged drivers and they were reeling them in. I had to wait about an hour in the terminal and I watched them pull over at least 15 people in about 45min.

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    wow - is this MSP running this operation? I was just there this past sunday although I never went to the terminal area I went straight to the parking garage this is crazy!

    I'm sure they can make crazy money I'm sure I would roll something like 30MPH through there. Kind of sad if you ask me some of the best memories start at the airport - a good way to ruin someones fun vacation!

    way to go LEOS'

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    It wasn't MSP, it was the Airport Police. I was really surprised and I'm sure that will become a very popular fishing spot. Looked to me like they were using a Stalker or Pro Laser III.

    FYI-Rockville is using a lot of laser as well, In 15 minutes I saw 2 locals running traps with a ProLaser III..Yikes!



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