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    Default Blinder M27 Not Updating

    I just got a blinder m27 and when I first plugged it in it never did the initial update for the heads so I just left it on for a couple of minutes. I tried installing the repair firmware and it still doesn't update. Both of the heads work when as parking sensors but I have no way of testing to see if they actually jam. Does the repair software update the heads regardless of what version is on the heads or could it be not updating because the heads already have the latest firmware?

    EDIT: I guess new heads are pre-programmed still not sure why repair firmware does nothing:
    Blinder is now shipping the Blinder Xtreme Series Jammer with the 2.6 software already installed. When you receive the system do not try to install or repair the system. There is no need for it and in some cases buyers are screwing up the system by not doing the process right.

    When you receive the system just turn it on and use it. You will not get any type of download process. Just 2 red flashes followed by solid green. Check the parking fuction right away and see if it is working ok. If not call Blinder USA immediately.
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    Default Re: Blinder M27 Not Updating

    I am told that most new systems come with the heads pre programed, so you may not see the "rapid flashing of the red LED " when you first turned on the switch for one minute. If the LED blinks red twice on start up , it's good to go.
    I highly recommend you test the system out with someone who has a laser gun . I also suggest you go to plug in the CPU Then download UPDATE 1.1.24 and select "constant jam" . See my post on "need help with m27"



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