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    Default ok to use constant on 12volt for power

    is it mandatory to use a switchable 12volt for power? the unit comes with a on/off rocker switch so why cant a constant 12v be used . my install would be esaier this way.


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    Default 12v

    It is not mandatory to use switched 12 v, but if you forget to turn it off it will continue to operate, bad for battery and for some alarm systems.
    It is very easy to find a switched power source:
    1. locate one in the fuse box.
    2. locate power source for stereo
    3. locate one behind the steering wheel

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    Default power-consumption

    Does anybody know what the power consumption of the blinder m-20 is when it is on stand-by (i.e. green LED, not firing)? I was wanted to hook it up on the constant on 12v for a different reason. The self-test beep is very loud at ignition and 30 seconds later. I'm used it to it but it startles everyone else who rides in the car. I would rather just leave it on. I have a regular car battery now but I could get a deep discharge battery if I needed it to support this. I think if the power consumption on the m-20 is less than 150 mw my current battery should be ok for two weeks.

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    Default led

    This is a spec of a regular 5mm led.
    The Power Dissipation is 120mW as you can see, add to that a minimal "keep alive currrent" for the Blinder and you will exceed 150mw I think.

    Spec Value
    Product ID L2-0-R5TH20-1
    Angle 20
    Package 5mm
    Peak Wavelength in nm 630
    Luminous Intensity 10000mcd typ. @ 20mA
    Max Forward Current 30mA
    Max Forward Current Pulse 150mA for <= 0.1ms, duty <= 1/10
    Forward Voltage 2.2V typ. 2.8V max @ 20mA
    Max Reverse Voltage 5V
    Power Dissipation 120mW
    Operating Temp -40 to +85 C
    Soldering Temp 260 C for 5 secs
    Max Reverse Current 10uA



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