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    Default Blinder M40-X Treme Install on 04 BMW M3 Vert. Suggestions?

    I know its short notice, but I hope to get some good suggestions before my install tomorrow. I've done some searches but can't find any pics or info on anyone installing one of these on an E46 3/M3. Where would be the ideal spot to mount the transceivers, brain and on/off/LEDs? I'm having it installed per the suggestion of another forum member at Caton Radio in MD. Some other facts that might help...

    1. Silver Grey in color

    2. No front license plate

    3. Just got Vail and the Super Protector for headlights, fogs and rear license plate

    4. Just updated my V1 to the new update

    Thanks so much for any ideas!


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    You can see my two transceivers on either side of the license plate. I know your front bumper is different from mine, so not really sure where I'd put two more transceivers. I've been playing with the idea of getting two more bottom "eyelids" and molding the transceivers into there - I'm sure they'd fit - but it sounds like alot of work, especially with more powerful jammers coming out soon-ish.

    The "brain" is under the center console, next to the ashtray. Lots of empty space in there. Speaker mounted on the transmission tunnel next to the driver's seat. Wires go to the jammer heads through the left of the console, under the steering wheel and into the ECU box in the engine bay, then using the car's built-in wiring harness. Easy.

    On/off switch and status LED are on the accessory button panel, where the buttons for DSC, heated seats, H/K subs and stuff usually go. Very convenient, because it's finger-distance from the shift lever, in case you have to turn it off right away.

    If you have "projector" style headlights, you may be unhappy with Veil on them. No real solution for that yet. All the lights and reflectors on the front of my car are Veiled, which is why the car looks dirty.

    Good luck with the install. When they're done, check that the heads are "level."

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    Thanks for your input. I have the factory HIDs if that's what you ment by projector lamps. I had to bump the appt. till Thurs so I will take these suggestions in with me.

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    Thats the only thing I dont like about the Veil! Do you really need it with the blinder setup? Does it help ALOT! I would rather not have the veil, but I would like the Jammer setup



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