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    Default Pics, Rant and Questions of Blinder M-30 Install on BMW M3.

    Hey guys, today was my install and I have mixed results. I had it installed at Caton Radio per the suggestion of another member. Prior to the scheduled time I spoke to Brian several times and he was nothing less then a pleasure to deal with. My appt. was at 10am today and I was told the install would take 3 hours. I planned my day around that figuring it should be done by 1 to 1:30pm. I specifically asked that the person who put in previous Blinder units worked on my car, I was reassured that would be the case. Next Brian and I went out to my car and went over exactly where I wanted the transceivers, LED and switch located. I waited there for half an hour or so before my friend came to get me and the car was still not in the install bay. On my way out I talked to a fellow installer (not the one who was going to be working on my car) and told him the same instructions as Brian. I finally get a call at 4:30pm that my car is ready (so much for only taking 3 hrs). As I am pulling up to the store my blood pressure goes sky high. Not only did this take double the amount of time I was told but they installed it wrong!!! All 3 transceivers were mounted on the front bumper (at least they were evenly spaced). After going inside I then find out the installer had NEVER put one of these in before. To give credit where credit is due, the manager didn't charge me and told me to come in again so they can put one of transceivers in the back. I get my keys and am completely frustrated. I was specific with respect to my needs and am quite disappointed. To make matters worse, the guy put the speaker underneath my XM unit in my cigarette tray. Now the XM unit isn't flush like it used to be. Ok rant over....


    1. Is the location of the front transceivers good? Could they be put in behind the grill for a better stealth/aesthetic look?

    2. When I turn on the car the LED goes red, the annoying sound goes off for a few seconds and then the LED goes green. Maybe 3-5 mins later the start up test happens but never reoccurs. Is this normal? Are there any easy ways to see if the units are working correctly?

    3. Is there any way to lower the volume of the warning alert? Its soo damn loud.


    1. Front bumper

    2. LED light location

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    I'd say your unhappiness is well-founded. To answer your questions:

    1) the location is OK. I know you're limited by the shape of the bumper. The middle one is probably useless, since it pretty much covers the same area as the outside two, which are placed OK. DO NOT put them behind the mesh - they won't work. Move the middle one to the back of the car, above the license plate.

    2) There's no way to reduce the sound level of the speaker without a modification. Think potentiometer/rheostat, or wrap it in duct tape or something.

    3) the alert when you first power the Blinder on is normal. What's happening several minutes down the road, I have no idea but I guarantee it's not normal. Think "shaky electrical connection." Yes, your Blinder can be tested. Radar Roy has a nice little unit available that should do what you want.

    Your Blinder came with a little green fluid "level" thingy. Use it and see if the units at least aren't pointing at the ground or something. This is really a pretty easy install. There's no reason for the bumbling mistakes you've endured. Maybe try it yourself...? Just an idea. Good luck, whatever happens.

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    I didn't really look at the box much, Ill check for the level. I'll try to contact Blinder tomm but has anyone else heard of this test sequence going off after the initial start up? As for testing the unit how can I "see" the beams that the transceivers shoot out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atwardiv
    I didn't really look at the box much, Ill check for the level. I'll try to contact Blinder tomm but has anyone else heard of this test sequence going off after the initial start up? As for testing the unit how can I "see" the beams that the transceivers shoot out?
    This is interesting, I also get an alert going off about 30 seconds after the initial self test when I start the car. I assumed this was normal since it happens every time. If it isnt normal I sure would like to know.

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    For about the first 30 seconds or so after powering up, the Blinder is in a "self test mode" which will allow you to use something like a tv remote to test the blinder for functionality.
    you should be able to point a tv remote at it and get an alert, then once the test time is up and it beeps again, then it is out of this test mode.

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    This is the same information I was given by the distributer of Blinder for the US. Great guy may I add. There was supposed to be some documentation put in the box about this new feature/version however it didnt make it in. Hope this helps!


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    Do you have a pic you can post of your car after the installation that shows the entire front end of your car?

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    Here is the link to another post/question about Veil I made with pics of the whole car.

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    Based on the design of the front end of your car, I would say that they are located in a pretty good spot. Just make sure the jammer heads are flush with the front end of the car, you don't want them sunken in. I not saying they are sunken in, I just can't tell from the pictures.

    Another option would be to keep the 1 unit in the middle and put the other 2 next to the fog lights.

    With either set up, I wouldn't bother putting 1 in the rear. It won't do you any good back there.

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    Thanks for the suggestions but I have a couple questions...

    1. Keeping with your logic of having all 3 up front, since the larger targets are my headlights/chrome grille wouldn't I want to leave the far left and right transceivers where they are now and move the middle transceiver to the middle of the lower grille to cover the much much smaller fog lights?

    2. Why do you think there is no need to have a transceiver in the rear? I do already have a Laser Shield... is this enough? Living in Baltimore, Maryland do we not shoot laser from the rear? Now that I think about it I thought you could only use laser targeting an incoming target vs. outgoing. Am I confused?



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