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    Default Proper Procedure For Updating Your Blinder

    Just removed by M47's from vehicle I sold and reinstalling them on new vehicle. While out, wanted to update the system. I presume that includes the CPU and Heads.

    While reading another thread, I became confused so I thought I would try and outline my understanding of the process and ask that anyone who has completed the updates successfully to add any inputs.

    Hopefully, when it's all said and done, we can have a procedure that is understandable and accurate and I will do my update. So, here is my understanding.

    1) Go to the Blinder Site and make sure you are in the Region that reflects the unit that you bought.

    2) Download the software updater. Open the file by clicking the "Updater" icon where you saved the download. You don't need to open the files that look like they have a zipper on them.

    3) Remove power from your CPU, disconnect heads, connect your CPU unit to your PC via the appropriate USB cord.

    4) The software updater will appear and display information about software version. If you have the current software version, stop here.

    5) If you need to update the software, you need to execute two updates.

    6) Run the "Repair" software, save your settings, disconnect from your laptop, reconnect heads, reconnect power, turn ignition key to position II. CPU will update heads. When complete, rapidly blinking green light will stop and go to solid green?

    7) Repeat Step 3.

    8) Repeat Step 6 except this time, Run the "Update" software.

    9) I think you are all done....

    If this is not correct or there is an additional step, please post it and I will try to edit my post. If I can't edit it, I will repost with the final instructions.

    Remember, not everyone is as up to speed with the technology as you are so, write out your corrections or instructions as if you were speaking to a 3rd grader...

    I for one, would not be insulted.

    Thanks in advance for your input...

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    Default Re: Proper Procedure For Updating Your Blinder

    looks like you got it. thats what i do to update my blinder



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