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    Default Vertical installation

    Or, near vertical. Has anyone actually tested whether you can mount the blinder vertically? It sounds like these things do not rediate evenly, so it seems like it is a bad idea. I just got an M3 and it is not good for blinder mounting (see for a similar car and the same (unanswered) question).

    How about behind the lower mesh? It's very open, but would clearly block a little light.

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    This is a prefect M3 Blinder installation
    Just don't think you have the middle transponder there

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    Default not really

    I don't think it's perfect:

    1) not very stealthy
    2) not very good protection for headlights, especially since I have the older M3 where this area under the bumper is further from the lights. I don't have a good pic at the moment, but here is one I found on the net:

    3) the lower it is the more rocks are going to hit the lenses, so if possible it would be good to move them up.

    So, where I'm at is that the best place to put them is behind the upper grill, but they will either be behind the grill which is bad, or at ~75 degrees to their intended orientation. So it would be cool if BlinderDude or someone could test the blinder like this since there seem to be a few people interested in the answer (at least 3 posts so far).

    Another idea I had was to somehow cut holes in the black strip in the bumper. Has anyone tried or seen anything like that? If I did this I think it might look better to cut out a bigger section (full height of black strip) and replace with a blackish plastic lens, and then mount the blinder behind the lens. Anyone know of a plastic that is nearIR transparent and smokey or black looking?

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    Well, blinder uses LEDs and I'm willing to bet they are very similar to the round kind that you can get at RadioShack. I can't think of any reason that the radiation pattern would not be symmetrical about its axis, meaning that it shouldn't matter how each individual LED is oriented. Hence, I can't think of a reason why you should not get the same performance from a blinder head mounted vertically as long as it is aimed straight ahead and perfectly level just like any other installation. (I'm also 95% sure that the Blinder literature that I have read says this is OK, too.) So mounting between grill slats ought to be able to work.

    As for the bumper thing, I would not place the blinder head behind any other lense because you are guaranteed to incur some kind of loss, and every little bit of power helps. The blinder lens itself is black, though, so it ought to be fairly inconspicuous if flush mounted in a cut-out in the black bumper trim.

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    You probably would do just fine with Veil on the lights and the m20 heads mounted horizontally.

    Veil does just fine with jammers on these kinds of difficult installations.

    In our most recent trip out to GoL tests of January we made a couple of passes against a couple of different laser guns and successfully cloaked our metallic silver 540iS (similar front to an M3) to a little over 300 feet with both a Blinder M20 mounted in a less than optimal position and Veil on the headlights and foglights.

    Good luck...Nice looking ride!

    Veil Guy 8)
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