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    Hello, everyone,
    I have been interested in car gadgets for some time now(well, since I was in high school). I always thought the laser diffusers were out my reach(as in cost), but now I am starting to look into getting one to help fight the fear of lasers. I have a Nissan Murano now and I was wondering if anyone on this forum has one similar willing to help me find the proper set up for my vehicle. I found out that Blinder and laser interceptor are good brands. Oh yea, I have to get another detector since mine was stolen about 6 months ago, so that puts a limitation on how much I could spend :-/. what goes well with a 9500ix? Thanks for all of your help.

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    thats a big front end
    I would suggest an LI dual on the front
    RD and LJ are independent purchases

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    I would recommend the Blinder M47. A M47 would give you more surface area protection due to having more heads spread out and covering more area. The key in jamming is in detection. You can not jam what you are not detecting. A M47 will give you more heads to cover more surface area.



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