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Thread: M20 upgrade

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    Default M20 upgrade

    I have had the M20 Xtreme for about 5 years. Had them on a Accord until a year ago and now they are on a Jeep Patriot. I have had a couple of encounters and I think they may not have jammed mainly because with the Accord I would shut them off and my V1 would go off for another 2 to 3 seconds. Now it seems like my V1 stops right before I shut them off. It's hard to mount them in a good spot on the front of the Patriot. So I am thinking about upgrading to the M27's. Is it worth the upgrade or should I just try to move the heads?

    Red is current location of heads. Green is proposed location.
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    Only testing will tell. Find a lidar & shoot a few rounds of testing. I just upgraded from an M40 to LI and am very satisfied with the results.



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