Newbie here, but a VERY vocal opponent of revenue driven speed traps and lowest common denominator speed limits.

I have on order a Lexus GX470 in "Blizzard Pearl White", which will replace an MB E500 in black. Yes, I know black is better from a laser standpoint, but I have pretty much given up trying to keep it clean and need a bit more room. I already have a V1 and will tranfer it over.
I am looking to install the blinder, preferably the 40x unit just to make sure all the bases are covered. My plan is to have two transmitters up high in the grill and 2 lower, flanking the plate. And, based on what I've seen here, I'll probably try the Laser Veil as well, assuming it doesn't affect the HID lights and dries to a brushmark free finish (I do NOT want anything that even smacks of amateurish).

My first question: How do people install the units in the grill? Double sided tape? What if the grill slats aren't parallel to the road?

Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas on this or any other facet of the install? Any opinions on how effective the 4 transmitter unit should be on this SUV?

Thanks in advance to all--