This is my first post, So I would also I like to introduce myself to the community.

Now, I was recently pulled over for going 72 in a 60, and of course, he got me with a laser. I have a whistler detector, which did go off, but we all know that I was already caught.

I knew I had to do something, and fast!

Here is a picture of the front of my car, which is a silver 2008 Volkswagen Jetta.

I also have a license plate. I started doing a ton of research and at first concluded that all I would need was the Blinder M27. But, right after I ordered it (From I was having serious doubts and worries that it wouldn't be enough. And just to clarify, I'm not trying to fully JTG, I just want to be able to slow down to the speed limit and then turn it off. I keep going back and forth, and money is not particularity a problem.. But I'd rather save a few bucks. Also planning on getting a better detector as well. I even measured from the planned spot of the jammers to the headlights and plate, both are within 18 inches.

The M27 is supposed to arrive tomorrow (Friday) because this weekend is my last long weekend off for a while. (I am off till tuesday) I'd like to install it and start using it right away, so if a lot of you think I should get an LI system, please respond asap! I can have the LI system here on monday. Although, I do like the ease of installation of the Blinder rather than the LI system.

ALSO: I am open to the use of VEIL and other precautions. Do they really work? And my final question is how do I test if my jammers are working as they should? I live in northern Ohio.

Sorry for the rambling post, I am just trying to get this question out as soon as possible.