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    Default Is this misleading a bit on the M47s what your take?

    The Blinder M47 X-Treme uses two out of sight transponders discretely mounted in the grill area of your vehicle. A miniature speaker for the audible alarm is installed inside your vehicle. All you'll see is one small LED light mounted in the interior. Installation can be carried out by any competent auto-electrician or 12V Installer.

    With the Blinder M47 X-Treme you will stop being caught by speed traps and eliminate speeding tickets.

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    Default Re: Is this misleading a bit on the M47s what your take?

    I think so. The M47 has 4 heads, while the M27 has 2. I would not trust just ANY 12 volt installer with that job.

    The last statement is the hype. Nothing will stop all speeding tickets, except not speeding. Even that may not do it.

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    Default Re: Is this misleading a bit on the M47s what your take?

    Agreed^ However these can be installed by most hobbyist provided they know to keep the jammer heads straight and level to the road. AND, don't install them so deep in the bumper wells the bumpers obstruct the jammers free view of the road.
    Project "BONES" Speed Lab:
    Valentine One, Blinder M47 "All Front Configuration"
    Pro97 Police Scanner
    1 Saves / 3 Strikes as of 8/22/2009
    Estimated saves in U.S. Dollars: $200



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