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    was doing a +14 on freeway......... V1 and M47 (2.12) go off........ it took me sometime to realize what was going on........ was listening to some loud music
    Then a 2 sec pause and then they both go off again... i quickly start slowing down... to +4 and they both stop making the racket !
    I was following a rabbit, but my V1 did not give me any warning before the M47 and V1 both went off simultaneously......... so much for using a detector alone
    I am not sure if he was able to get a reading... becoz the rabbit did not slow down till he was very close to the LEO. ? maybe he was looking for +20
    But glad I did not get a ticket........

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    The 1st save is awesome!! I like those type of LEO's that have a +20PSL threshood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akosikojak View Post
    The 1st save is awesome!! I like those type of LEO's that have a +20PSL threshood
    ^^^Dude, you're back!!

    Also, nice save OP! I always have trouble hearing the detectors with loud music on.

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    Still remember the thrill-literally screaming alone in the car "It worked, I can't believe it worked" multiple times even thought I already knew that jammers did really jam.

    I also sometimes had the same problem of having trouble hearing the speaker-I considered having my installer remount it elsewhere but decided I was just playing music too loud for safe driving and it merely forced a correction.

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    14 over on a highway might or might not be a save

    Only way to know is to ask unless you blow pass him at 40 over



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