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    Default Got my M47 tested today.

    Finally had my setup tested: Thanks a lot to Easy E (Chris) and his Laser Atlanta II.
    ver 2.12

    FRONT: Driver L, Pass L, CM: all JTG. There were a few passes when the
    Pass side gave a reading of the distance but not speed!
    REAR: DL- PT @ 80', 400' and even at 800' apparently the inner light than the outer light that gave the PT
    Pass L: JTG, and License plate: JTG.

    I have heard from others.... like Cat4 about the back being tough to protect. I think I am getting a PT due to the corvette emblem in the middle of the trunk or from the mid mounted 3rd brake light????
    Atleast I know now what r the limits of my setup.
    Maybe i shld get the LI in the back.... high power

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    Default Re: Got my M47 tested today.

    Cat4 had Li reg back on his Red vett still got punches with one of are good testers Rsman he can get punches on anything if it's doable

    He's now has Li Hp's on his rear so if you want to be 100 percent on the rear Hp's is the way to go ..Not sure what color your vett is darker color would be better

    distance was giving bc it takes like a few pluses to return that I forget how many but speed it's like 60 or more If I recall correct

    I wouldn't be happy with either to be honest
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