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    Default M40 proto-type versus retail

    Reference this thread in the Laser Jammer forum. There's a brief sub-discussion about the M40 proto-type versus the retail version as seen in the 2005 Shoot-out.
    From Roy's test pages say the "Blinder M-40 pro type due to replace the current M-40 in October 2005..." It sounds like the improved version was just going to be slip streamed into production - perhaps with little fanfare.

    However, in the referenced thread, there's some doubt as to whether or not the proto-type has been moved into production?

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    The newer blinder was not slipped in....sadly

    The only difference now is the the retail blinder jam Laser Atlanta stealth mode

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    Default Test Mode

    The only difference now is the the retail blinder jam Laser Atlanta stealth mode
    And has a new testing mode at start up
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