Frequently Asked Questions About The Blinder Laser Jammer

How Easy To Install A Blinder Laser Jammer And Can I Move It From Car To Car?
On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate installation at a 7. I would recommend that you have had experience installing other 12 volt automotive devices such as car stereos or a CB radio. If you do not feel qualified to install the unit I would recommend contacting your local Best Buy store or other independent 12 volt installer and obtain quotes. Installation typically takes a few hours, so I wouldn’t recommend moving it from car to car.

My Radar Detector Says " Laser Detector" Why Do I Need A Laser Jammer?
“When you’re shot your got” Laser is instant, if you don’t have a laser jammer and your laser detector goes off and your speeding the officer has already clocked your speed, just pull over. And in most cases, your radar detector will never alert to a police laser gun. At 500 feet the width of the laser beam is only 18” inches and police officers are trained to shoot the most reflective parts of your car which are the front license plate and your headlamps. Typically your radar detector will be outside this window of the laser beam and will only activate if there is “splatter” from the officers laser gun.

Do I Need a Jammer For The Front Of My Car?
Nationally, 97% of all police laser attacks are aimed at the front of your car. The only region that I am aware of that focuses on rear laser traps are the Dallas Forth Worth area, where they shoot laser from overpasses. Are you taking a risk by not having rear protection, yes but unless you live or drive around the DFW area, the odds are in your favor.

I Have A Full Size Pick-Up Will A M27 Protect It?
No, the M47 on large profile vehicles I typically install one head close to each headlamp and one sensor high center and the other low center. The best way to make sure that you have the frontal section of your car/SUV protected is to cut out an 18” circle and put the center of this circle over each sensor making sure that you have the most reflective portions (front plate and headlamps) of the front of your vehicle protected.

Is Jamming Illegal?
Unlike radar jamming which is illegal in the US and carries hefty fines levied by the Federal Communications Commission, there is no federal law prohibiting laser jamming. In fact laser is not regulated by the FCC but by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However there are states that do have laws that prohibit jamming of police laser guns, these states include: Nebraska, Minnesota, Utah, California, Oklahoma, Virginia, Colorado, Illinois and Washington DC.

I Live In A State That Laser Jammers Are Illegal. What Can I Do?
In my entire 15 year career in the speed counter measurement industry I have only heard of one instance where someone was issued a citation for operating a laser jammer and that was from a motorist in California. Now I’m not recommending that you break any laws, but here is a thought. If you’re driving in a state where laser jamming is illegal and your laser jammers active, slow down and turn the unit off. That way as you approach the officer you will be at the speed limit and the officer will be able to get a speed reading on your car. I also recommend that you use this same practice when driving in states where laser jamming is legal.

Can I Mount A M27 On A Motorcycle?
Yes, in fact I have a pair installed on my Harley Ultra Classic.

What States Are the Highest Users Of Laser?
California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Ohio are the big states. Laser enforcement is growing in popularity each day, if laser is not in your community yet, it will be soon.

Potential Issues Of The Blinder M27/M47?
Proper installation of any laser jamming system is critical for it to work properly. Each laser jamming head must be level to the roadway and pointed straight ahead. You can position the heads either vertically or horizontally, however in my testing I find for best performance in frontal attacks to position the heads horizontally and for best protection from overhead shots (overpasses) position them vertically.

Taken In Part From A Article Written by Radar Roy At: RadarDetector.Org