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    Default Location for Transponders on 2012 VW Jetta

    Good Morning!

    I just received my HP-905 Dual system and I need some help. I intend to install the system in my 2012 VW Jetta but am not sure the best placement for the transponders. The license plate and fog lights are covered in Veil. Has anyone done an install of a Blinder on a Jetta and if so where did you put the transponders? I've attached a picture of the front of my car. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Location for Transponders on 2012 VW Jetta

    Have not been here for the past week, out on the road then testing this weekend.
    If you can get the units straight and level in the upper grill about 20 to 24 inches apart.
    They will work in the lower grill under the bumper, but most shots are center mass and right at the emblem.

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    Default Re: Location for Transponders on 2012 VW Jetta

    OK, thats good to know. Now FWIW, the emblem, the fog lights, and the license plate cover are coated in Veil. The headlights are uncoated. Knowing that, would you set the heads closer to the headlights or still keep the 20-24 inch separation? Thanks.
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