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    Default Red Light on CPU - Blinder HP-905

    I installed my new Blinder HP-905 on a Ford Escape. Install went pretty smoothly as this is the third Blinder install for me. However, once powered up, I get red lights on ports 1 and 2. I tried swapping around the heads into the varios ports. All of the heads have green lights in ports 3 and 4. All of the heads have red lights in ports 1 and 2. It does not matter what combination of the three heads I use, or if I connect only one head at a time ... same results. Do I have a bad CPU? Is there a way to tell if the heads are working (short of buying a tester or stopping a state trooper and asking him to test it with his laser gun). I used to be able to use any old remote control for the old series blinders.

    I also tried reloading the firmware onto the CPU but this made no difference. Not sure it worked because when I hooked up the CPU to the heads, I did not get the indication that the heads were being updated. Maybe because I am trying to update to the same firmware??

    A couple of other things. The parking assist does not seem to be working. I tried it with other cars, garage door, brick wall, and a large mirror ... nothing at all.

    Thumb Screws: One of the heads had screw holes that did not seem to be threaded propely from the factory. When I tried to install the thumb screws they cross threaded and the head of the screw broke off. This left part of the screw in the hole on the body of the laser unit. I can't seem to get the broken screw out of the hole. Any suggestions both as to getting the hole in the laser head clear again and what to use for a new screw since the thumbscrews that came with the unit broke?

    I have written to Blinder USA and Blinder-Extreme (where I purchased) and no response from either.

    I feel like I am driving naked without a working unit. I should have stayed with my old unit and waited until Blinder worked out all of the kinks in the new system.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Red Light on CPU - Blinder HP-905

    From the manual:
    Note: Position 1 through 4 LED lights represent the laser modules installed: # 1 and 2 represent front install, Red LED,
    while 3 and 4 represent rear install, Green LED, which is a typical installation. This does not preclude you from
    installing 3 laser modules in front and one in the rear, although the #1 and #2 LEDs would still be red, and the third laser
    module installed in front would be position 3, Green LED, and the 4th laser
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