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    Default HP-905 Switch Mod

    Ok, so as im planning my install I realize there is no place to put a rotary switch that I can easily get to when I'm lazer tagged. I have one spot on the center console that would work perfectly with a rocker switch but doesnt provide the room for extra fingers to turn the rotary switch. So my question is....

    Does anyone know what the wiring schematic for the switch is? I want to change it from a 4 position rotary to a 3 or 2 position rocker switch that I can easily use. 3 position would be: Parking, Jam and Off. 2 position: Jam and Off.

    I spoke with the tech at Blinder Extreme and he said he has seen it done, but not by him, so he doesnt know the wiring breakdown. This is the only thing holding up my install. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks

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    Looking for wiring info also to see if the switch can be used to trigger an LED. Using the mute lead has proved problematic as it is not allowing my radio to mute when the LED is being lit.

    anyone have this information?
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