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    Default HP-905 or ZR4 shifter pertection

    Is there hope to run one of these in a state where it is considered unlawful? Is this the scenerio: cops shoots you with laser, can't acquire the speed, you pass buy, he jumps on his moped and then pulls you over anyways, he checks out the front of your car and sees the laser jammer sensors and writes you an even bigger ticket. Now you have to hire an attorney.

    I really want to complete my radar protection but I just don't know enough about this matter.

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    Default Re: HP-905 or ZR4 shifter pertection

    An expensive ticket isn't worth it. You might want to consider applying the Veil and a license plate cover.

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    Default Re: HP-905 or ZR4 shifter pertection

    Thanks for the reply, I'll check out your posted options.



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