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    Default Ready to buy but worried

    Hey everyone. First time posting, long time reader.

    Back in the high school days I fell into the lies of the rocky mountain jammer. When I found out it didn't work I swore I would never trust something like that again. (I think I paid $400, yeah total rip) I have been doing a lot of reading on active jammers and have decided on the blinder. A few questions for the people that have this installed.

    I wanted to get the install card with purchase seeing as how I have no idea how to set this system up. (Will post picture of my ride tomorrow) I am worried about a few things if I do this. Is the installing going to be a business or someone's home? Will the installer take the time to make sure everything is working correctly and mounted right? I just don't want to pay the extra money for the install card to find that Meatloaf the ex-mechanic will be attempting the surgery.

    Now this veil everyone keeps speaking of...I paid extra money to get aftermarket Clear/Chrome headlight. After a lot of reading, I see now that shinny chrome is going to be a problem. So when I put that stuff on my headlights, is it going to leave a visible residue? The video was hard to see.

    Thanks so much to everyone that helps out. My apologies to those who are sick of reading n00bie posts.

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    VEiL will darken your headlights a bit. VEiL on chrome = bad looking.

    Can you show us a pictures of these aftermarket headlights with chrome?

    The blinder install card isnt going to be a home, it will be a business.

    Welcome to the board.

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    haha ok, im a n00b, how do you post a picture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffguy1184
    haha ok, im a n00b, how do you post a picture?
    With a name like Buffguy I don't think I want to see..... :roll: :roll:

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    Hey man, kinda off topic but im on my second rottweiler myself. They are the BEST dogs on earth. And I hope the people who train them wrong burn in hell. Hopefully you aren't/werent one of those.



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