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    Default How do people mount units in a grill? Any pics?

    Mounting to the underside of a bumper, etc seems simple enough, but I also note that many mount transmitters in between horizontal slats of the grill.

    My question is simple- How is this usually done? I have a new Lexus GX470 coming in shortly and WILL be installing an M40 unit asap. Two units will flank the license plate with the remaining 2 next to the headlights. Veil will be a necessity given the big reflective headlights.

    Any ideasa/suggestions/pics?

    Thanks in advance


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    you may have to get creative, and decide if any cutting of the grill is an option.
    First, see if the heads fit by themselves. ( i don't know what your grill looks like)

    if they do, see if they fit with the brackets on.

    at this point, you may need to trim some of the grill, or get some small angle brackets and "fabricate" something to hold the Blinder on, that will screw into the back of the grill, where it won't be seen. you can always touch up any screws or additional parts with black paint, to hide them.

    show us a few pics, and we can probably come up with some options for you.

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    Get some 3m tape! :mrgreen:

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    I fabricated up brackets from 1" square aluminum tubing that is available at your local home improvement warehouse. In my particular case, a 1998 Buick Regal GS, each brackets consists of (1) 9.5" piece of tubing with a 1" spacer on one end and a .5" spacer on the other. The spacers are kept in place with Gorilla glue and the brackets are attached with proper length carriage bolts to a glass-filled body support in front of the radiator bracket. I then removed a section of the grille directly in front of the head mounting point. For lack of a better description, the 2 spacers are placed at the ends of the 9.5 piece and the glass filled mounting points are sandwiched between the bracket and a small piece of 1" X1.25X 1/8th piece of flat aluminum stock. The mounting is very solid and trying to move the bracket moves the car. The heads are mounted to the brackets with the head mounts pointing straight towards the rear of the car, screwed into the aluminum tubing on the front side. Rather wordy, I hope to post a few pictures soon, and I am considering re-fabricating the brackets to make them better. Also, I will paint the brackets flat black as they are currently still natural aluminum. Amazing what one can achieve with a hacksaw, drill and some hand tools.



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