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    Default where to install blinder on a red focus?

    i have veil and ls but i need a jammer driving on thwe nj parkway and laser atlanta is their gun of choice. where would i install the jammer at on a ford focus it has that small grill in the front and huge headlights its a 2000 sedan.. thanks for the info.
    here is a sample pic.

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    Either location will work.
    A front plate will make a difference.
    I would like to see them up in the grill if you can get good mounting and a clean line of sight.
    If you can not get good solid mounting, install the in the lower location level and straight to the road.
    You have two things going for you,Veil and red is black to the laser gun.
    With the M-20 you will have the time to get to legal speed.

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    Red is black to a laser gun?



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