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    Default Arrogant Detroit

    A lot of cars are made in Detroit so this is still car talk Where is the back alley???

    Anyway, I hope the Cavs eliminate the Pistons!

    Man those pistons players are very boastful! Rasheeds guarantee and all that crap, he lost the game and he is still bigheaded!

    I didnt mind the pistons going to the finals(I favor my team, MAVS to go all the way), but now i just hate them!

    Cocky son of a *&%^&

    If they dont lose to te cavs i hope they lose the conference finals!

    Why cant they just give the usual comments after the game and compliment the other team for winning! They are firing up the opponent by doing this and I hope it comes back to bite them.

    I had to vent.

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    Default Re: cocky

    I hear you w/ the pistons getting cocky and saying they are going to win when they actually lost. This is NOT what sports is all about. I live in MI and was NOT happy hearing about that bragging that went on. Mk



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