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    Default Random question....

    4 door sedan, capacity 5 passengers (2+3)

    Pls excuse me, I am a foreigner

    In TX (or other states), do the people in the back have to wear seatbelt if they are all over 18?

    Can I have 4 people in the back seat?

    I am not fond of 4 people in the back seat and not wearing seatbelts but I may have to do it tonight

    I wanna know if the cops can stop me for this, no tint whatsoever ont he car.

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    Can't answer about Texas for sure, but in most (if not all) states you cannot have more passengers than seatbelts.

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    It was my understanding, in Texas, that rear seat passenegrs are not required to wear seatbelts, so long as they are over a certain age and weight (~13yrs and/or ~60lbs, or something to that effect). Of course I think they are also allowed to carry shotguns and fire upon an OU fans as well, but I could be wrong on that one.



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