I went to the Mazda dealership to pickup a new rubber exhaust hanger, as the one next to the cat broke, (bent the hanger on the exhaust, and snapped the rubber.) so I come inside, and ask if I can order one or buy one. He asked if I had it available, and he took it in the back and matched it to one lying around, and gave it to me, no charge, brand new. I know its not that expensive, but it was nice to get somthing for nothing, and then I remembered I needed to pickup some touchup paint, and got some ordered for 6 bux. He then told me (they use the VIN to get paint description, etc.) that my car had a recall on it, and it wasnt important, but he explained that the recall will "close" and I cant get it fixed for free anymore. So he ordered the paint, and new turn signal kit, and said they will call in about 4 days.

I was shocked that as an 18 year old, they took me seriously and took care of me even though I didnt have a new car from them, and my car was no where NEAR the warrenty.

He also gave me a detailed report on my exact car, and it showed that the car's original owner was indeed the same person I bought it from, and showed the repair history she had done on it. Kind of nice to know the exact color for my car.