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    Default RadarRick at the track (Pictures)

    Ok guys... now a look at what a pro looks like (on the track):

    These are pictures of forum member 'RadarRick'... he was a production motorcycle racer in Australia (correct me if I am wrong).
    I don't know to much about each specific photo, I will let him chime in a-bit more about each. (Sorry that they are scaled down RadarRick, dial-up is rough). I have more photos, but these are my favorite... I will load the others at a later date.

    (If you click on the photos, they will go to a slightly larger size, but they will more importantly become 'unpixalized' aka not blurry).

    This one didn't fully load, but you still get the skill level he was riding at:

    -As you can see RadarRick was a rather accomplished racer, he has since retired (at his old age) .

    Enjoy... hope RadarRick can add a bit of commentary to these pictures.

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    Thanx for that AM, i owe you know some bad ass knee scraping lessons....then again, that could be a bit scary knowing my past form :shock:
    Yeah, the top one pic is the 2000 YZF-R1. just had it fixed up from the last spill, hence the all white racing glass.
    The second one is the same bike with paint. Looks pretty good until about the 3 months later, at the same track, i flung it over a wall at 100mph. This is easy to do when you over cut the corner way too tight and stick the foot peg into the ripple strip, lifting the whole bike off the ground, i'm such an idiot!
    My blue baby, 1998 ZX-9R. What a lovely bike to ride. This pic was taken at Eastern Creek Raceway in mid to late 98. I knew i wanted to start racing and i 'though' i could go ok. Sadly, not long after this photo was taken, everything came to a sudden end. On a back road near home i slammed this bike and me, into a fence at high speed, doing what you see here. End result, wrote the bike off and it was around one year learning how to walk and two years till i got back on the road with the R1, then soon the track and racing. Have i learnt my lesson, i'll let you guys decide, enjoy :wink:

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    Haha, thats pretty sweet!



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