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    Default Thinking about putting a portable navi. system in my car.

    does anyone have and recommendations? pics also if you have a navi in your car. thanks

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    I have been doing some research on this for Christmas purchase and using a friends Garmin I5.

    I am leaning heavily towards the Garmin C340. It gives names of roads as well as complete north america maps included and has a speed/redlight camera add in that can alert to cameras fixed locations. I travel to EU so that as a complete map is also available. The street name being spoken I find is a nice feature when streets are close together or you are driving fairly quickly and don't want to look at a screen to see what road to turn on. Costco has it for ~$480 as well as even cheaper on the net.

    C330 is about the same except no street name announcment for less $$$. I5 is about $350 but has no touch screen, smaller screen with less resiloution and a few less features with no street name announcement but is plenty functional for low price.

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    I love my TomTom GO 510.

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    I am thinking about the same too. Adding custom points of interest is important to me. Ability to sync with my cell/pda contacts will be a great plus for up-to-date info, but that may be a tall task. I've seen the difference Text-to-Speech makes where it's a maze, it'll a really really nice to have.

    Of the various models out there, I've narrowed it down to:
    - Garmin c340 (accurate maps)
    - TomTom ONE (great software, not-as-good US maps)
    - HP iPaq 6515 (cell/pda + gps receiver, just add software/map combo; seems most versatile since the software is easily upgradable and works inside/outside vehicle)

    They'll all cost in the $400-$500 range.

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    just get a jammer!

    after using the nav in the passat i would definitely want one on the lumina

    i was looking at the cheap garmin streetpilot series
    - i2
    - i3
    - i5



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