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    Default Motorcycle trip w/Pics of Adirondack Mtns... Enjoy

    Well guys I went on a 2 day bike trip to the Adirondacks with my Dad recently, a few of the guys went to West Virgina to ride down there... but I dont have any pictures of that (yet)... I will give you guys a few pictures here... now I am not a professional photographer as you can see, but I still think some of them came out decent to show some of the scenic views.
    We lucked out both days and had amazing weather the entire trip.... a bit cold to start the day(s) though.

    The park is only a few hundred (150-200ish from my house), so it doesnt take long to get there.

    I really would suggest this trip to anyone who enjoys nature/outdoors and even just photographing such places. Younger kids may not really enjoy the views and changing colors of the leaves, it tends to bore them.

    There is a vast array of wildlife to be seen if you look for it/go hiking or mountain biking... its an amazing place to take a motorcycle on a trip... the roads are amazingly well paved... some of the best in the northeast, especially considering the winter weather they see. Make sure you plan your trip timed with the fall foilage, we were only a week behind 'peak foilage' and many of the trees had no leaves left on them at all.

    I used the E795 set-up for the weekend, as if the weather turned bad I didnt want to subject any other detectors to such elements, it faired well actually. (Patrols are fairly limited).

    Scenic Overview by 'Indian Lake':

    Same Overview, but with a close up pole to give you the depth of how far away the mountains were... this doesn't do justice to how far you were really looking:

    The motorbikes infront of the Scenic Overview: (Dads ZRX-1200, insane 0-100MPH naked-street bike), (My ZX-7R, Rare AMA superbike of Eric Bostrom from back in the days.):

    My bike infront of the overview:

    This is a picture overlooking 'Lake Pleasant' just before sunset, you can see the fog that is 'rolling in'... thats really a site to see.

    Another, a wee-bit closer up:

    This is a family overlooking the lake with a mountain in the background (I forgot the name of the mountain):

    2 more pictures to come... another scenic overview, I will load them at a later date.

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    Awesome pics Air. your bike looks badasss. looks like it was a fun trip. 8)

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    Hey AM, nice pics mate. It's great to get out and have a ride with friends or even your Dad, cool. I kind of wish my Dad road, but he's not to fond of motorcycles though!
    What a couple of mean road bikes, did you behave yourself though or was the old man leading you astray, LOL : 8)
    Did you run your RD and all?
    I have the tank bag now. So when i get some time, i'll e-mail you and ZX-6R some pics. It looks good and high, but keeping the RD in place might be tricky, as if i stop real quick, the RD might fly out from under the map cover, lol



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