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    Default Mustang Talk (split from other thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by MattN03
    Quote Originally Posted by A-TownNavi

    i love it man. love the way it looks over the reg GT. the prob is that nobody knows what the CS stands for on the side. everybody that reads it must be dyslexic or something cuz they all say "SC? huh, that thing supercharged" or i just get the "whats the CS stand for?" but its cool though, i like them asking that cuz then i know how unique it is.

    sorry the hijack ops: 8)
    [highjack] lol, people see the 6 cylinder badges on the side of the Mach and think it's a 6 with some big hood scoop-until I fire it up anyways. It's got a MRT O/R H-pipe and Borla Stingers
    nice, i bet it sounds awesome. im still trying to find the right sound for mine. im a huge Flowmaster fan, and i have the reg 40-series on it, but it just doesnt sound right to me. i mean, it sounds good at higher rpm's but at low rpm's the tone is just way too low, sounds almost 6 cylinderish. i keep changing my mind up on what a wanna do about it. i can get the FRPP axle back kit (Borla stingers), thinking about the SLP loudmouth kit, and i just saw that Spintech makes a axle-back for it. or im also thinking about buying two Flowmaster 10-series, the racing ones, and putting em in before the axle (there so small that ill be able too), and taking off the 40's. decisions decisions

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    lol, I just started a Mustang thread too.



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