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    Default NY State Police Bid / Dodge Chargers

    Just looked over a copy of the NYSP vehicle bid for 07, they are gonna be getting:

    400 Crown Vics, marked
    50 Crown Vic, slicktops
    200 Tahoes, 2WD
    50 Tahoes, 4WD
    100 Chargers
    20 Magnums

    Here is one of the test Chargers they got already:

    Yet more reason to keep your eyes open, and your detectors screamin! :shock:

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    looks like a MPH unit, mos tlikely BEE III or the Enforcer???

    the back of that light bar looks stupid but i guess it fits with the car..all over the cars it seems the only colors are really blue, yellow, red...those colors look good the way they are on that car but i still prefer the charger police cars to look like this

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    That cop drinking from a flask on the job in the last pic?! :shock:



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