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    Default Click & Clack - The Tappet Brothers...

    This forum seems appropos to this post.

    Have any of you guys the the Tappet Brothers on NPR radio?

    Their show and website is called Cartalk.

    My wife and I often catch them on Sat AM morning NPR radio in our local market.

    Without a doubt Tom and Ray bring to us enthusiasts one of the most enjoyable radio/call-in programs.

    If some of you haven't heard them, check out your local NPR program or visit the Cartalk site.

    High recommended! :wink:

    Veil Guy 8)
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    I've heard it a couple times.

    When they actually recommended someone to buy a Saab (I think 2 weeks ago?) everyone on a listserv I'm on spit out their coffee and thought the apocalypse was near

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    I catch it once in a while. It's a great show.



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