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    Default Wynns power steering additive

    My golf vr6 power steering started to grone abit in the morning on cold starts and it did start to do this when hot and the steering started to feel heavy.. and because i'm completely skint and my business is taking a real severe battering, i'm desperate to make the pump etc last as long as possible, even though i have spares i dont have the time to pull them off my other car, also its too cold to work on cars...

    So i got some wynns automatic transmission and power steering conditioner, which you add to the oil.

    It's ment to stop leaks aswell and stops whining etc, and i thought its worth a try..

    And after a few days it was completely quiet and the steering was lighter and felt better than before it worked.

    The fluid does need changing as we've never done it, done the oil changes but never touched the steering fluid apart from topping it up.

    I'm supprised how well it worked.......

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    My Caprice is sometimes stiff when it's cold, How did you drain some out?

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    I got some out of the res, do drain the steering system you undo the high pressure hose from the pump to the steering rack.

    On my golf the pump is at the front of the engine and is easy to get at..

    Normaly you undo the suction hose which goes from the res to the pump and the then do a lock to lock on the steering wheel until all the fluid is out.

    You then clamp the hose back on and then fill it back up.

    I used some kichen roll to absorb some out of the res, and then i added the wynns.

    This is what i used

    Wynn’s Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner is an oil soluble supplement developed to stop and prevent leaks and ease shifting of automatic gearboxes and power steering systems.

    Prevents and stops oil leaks without dismantling.
    Revitalises rubber and neoprene seals and "O" rings.
    Cleans and protects the system by means of detergents and dispersants.
    Smoothes and quietens power steering action.
    Prevents ageing and oxidation


    Can be added to all conventional power steering oils meeting Dexron II and III, Ford, LHM or equivalent specifications.


    One tube of 125 ml treats 2 litres of power steering oil.

    I dont know what the fluid the chevy uses probibly straight forward automatic trnasmission fluid, or power steering fluid.

    If you can get hold of it you may try valvoline power steering fluid.

    Valvoline's SynPower Power Steering Fluid is a premium, synthetically blended formula, that helps maintain superior efficiency and performance of power steering units. It prevents leakage and squealing under severe conditions and protects against pump breakdown caused by wear, oxidation and foaming. SynPower Power Steering Fluid is effective in high and low temperatures and performs in sub-zero temperatures to ensure cold weather performance. It will not clog or foam and helps to prevent corrosion, wear and oxidation. Use SynPower Power Steering Fluid year-round.

    I'd love to try some of this but in the uk it's hard to get hold of thats why i use the wynns additives..

    also when i was on the website i noticed that the engine flush which you use before an oil change can also be used in manual gearboxes!

    i have used this on my old gti's years ago and i've never knew it could be used on gearboxes!

    my old gti would have benefited from this as the gears would be stiff and they improved with new gear oil but it would have been better if i'd have used a cleaner...... oh well.....

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    Default Wynn"s addatives

    Wynn" products work, that is all I have ever used!!! Sealed a bad water pump for a year,Use injector cleaner regular basis,Great product. :!:



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