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    Default Temptation to go Retro

    I made the mistake of picking up the paper and looking in the classifieds car section. This is what I found that is making me drool:

    1965 Ford Mustang. Clean Colorado car. White with blue shelby stripes. Original vynil interior in good shape. Strong 302 engine. C4 trans. Polished torq thrust II wheels, performance upgrades and much more. $8500 OBO.
    Depending on the condition, $8500 might be a bit much, but that is a DREAM car....Sigh...if only I had some $$ laying around...

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    Nice Maybe drop in slightly larger motor in and..... :twisted: :twisted:

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    and here I thought this would be a HID retrofit thread............................ oh well

    if you want an old car, by all means, restore it and keep it in good condition, to me theresz a big difference between a clasic car and a old a$$ POuglyS beater

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    You know, every time my car does something strange, I sigh to myself ( right before I break-out the laptop and connect that to the car :x ), and wonder if it wouldn't have been better to just get a classic Detroit Muscle.

    I love it that my buddy can make his car faster, literally by just turning a screwdriver.

    There's something to be said about the Old-School Cool. 8)



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