1997 Lumina LTZ, yup... this is what i drove since sophomore year. Got it on a budget and it had 47,000 then.

No need to keep it anymore and figured I can use the money for mods and bills!

Runs well and a good daily/beater car. If you know anyone in need of a cheap american car!

It has 170,000+ miles

1. Losing coolant, suspect is a water pump(water pump isnt expensive and not too hard to install)
- Intake gaskets were replaced i think at 130,000

2. Signal lights dont work sometimes, need to replace a part in the steering column(i know what it is just not sure of the name)

3. heater core is out, its bypassed right now(needs new heater core)

4. A few dings and a couple of rock chips in front from driving but overall its clean, waxed every so often and garaged

5. interior is VERY clean, master window switch needs to be replaced

6. Its pre-hardwired for a valentine 1 or an Escort radar detectorand will leave the laser shifters on (if you find the need to speed...limited to 105 )

8. Alpine head unit, pioneer rear speakers and sony up front included

Give me offers, would like to get more than 1k for it

It runs besides having to fill up coolant once in awhile. If you know about fixing cars this can be a reliable daily car with little work. Spare parts are a dime a dozen!

Here are some pictures: