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    Default 60 Minutes vintage Lambo segment

    I saw this original broadcast of Morley Safer profiling the Lamborghini Countach in 1985 and it was the first time I saw street video of 180 mph. This segment is a nice profile of an original supercar icon. My Dad actually recored this and we watched it many times but over the years we lost the tape or it got recorded over. I'm glad someone had it and posted it.
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    Maybe not the best sports car ever but oh god what amazing styling...

    I think the Countach is one of those cars that's "special". Around here in Miami Beach, there are a ****load of FAST cars. There are so many that things like Ferrari F430s and Porsche 911 Turbos just don't get a second look because they're everywhere. On the other hand, something that looks cool but is also really unusual, like my dad's Tahiti Blue Triumph TR6 gets the thumbs-up and a lot of looks. I'd say the Countach is one of the best cars in the world for that kind of would get noticed ANYWHERE.

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    I remember seeing that on tv in the 80s. I also remember the first time i saw a lamborghini in a movie. It was at the beginning of The Cannonball Run. I was in total awe seeing it. I said to my mom "Thats the car I want to get! How much do they cost?" My mom said "you better get a job right now if you want one of those."... sigh.....

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    The white one, is like a virrgin



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