Hey I am looking at buying a 2002-2003 CR-V for school but I want to be able to take it snowboarding in the deep stuff without getitng stuck. I know the AWD system isn't the best but the biggest hurdle for most cars in the snow is tires. I was wondering what a good priced all weather snow able tire is if I need to buy new tires. P.S. I just had a heartbreak deal today, car was absolutley perfect went to the wrong dealership by accident fully loaded I bargain from 15+ to 13 including tax so me and my dad go for lunch to talk it over because the car had 60 K we get back offer 12k then 12500 then the guy says he can do it for 13 tax not included, we had to walk away but it killed me mostly because I could get one with 20k for 1 grand more than the 60 K's sticker price. God I hate car shopping