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    Default mmmm FYI in SouthEast Houston

    I was getting gas this morning and I noticed a brown metallic Ford Crown Vic pulling out from behind the gas station. He had two spotlights and a push guard on the front. Tax Exempt plates and a series of antenaes running across his rear trunk and red and blue lights behind the rear blacked out windows. The guy driving it looked like a Harris County Constable. White short sleeved shirt with a gold badge. He had a white cowboy hat sitting on the dash so i couldn't tell if he had a radar unit up. No rear radar antennae I could see. Also, no red and blue lights in the front grill either but i could have missed them. I was really trying to ID the driver and check for a radar unit.

    Not likely anyone savvy about police cars would ever miss it in traffic but i haven't seen this kind of unmarked unit before. They're usually white Crown vics.
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    Ive seen a few units running drug interdiction (I assume) on I-20, i think they are state troopers, but couldnt tell (no uniform, just black tactical vest and gun) and they were in unmarked silver chargers with tint and polished wheels!! :shock: well, one was silver, and the other was a dark grey color. I think Ive even seen a red one somewhere, but he wasnt stopped.

    I also saw a black dodge magnum with no visible lights behind chicken E in fort worth once, Had no clue it was a cop car untill I saw the officer, again, no uniform, just a gun and black tac vest with badge on the hip.

    They are getting crafty!!!



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