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    Default Kickass Porsche Ad

    Has everybody seen this ad already?

    I FINALLY finished watching Jericho Season 1 (I'd been watching it on Sci-Fi and DVR-ing the Season 2 episodes, so when they stopped showing Season 1 halfway through, I got pissed and then gave up and rented the rest on DVD). So I'm watching the first episode of S2 and they've got this ad...and I love it

    YouTube - Sneak Preview - Porsche Cayenne GTS Commercial

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    Yup, I've seen that commercial several times before. It hasn't been on lately, although I haven't watched much TV lately.

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    on jericho. too bad that really fudged up the second season. they were axed after the first season, and only the fanbase brought them back for a second round.. which was only 7 episodes! WTF. everything was compressed into those seven episodes and a lot was missed/cut out.

    on the ad



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