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    Default '04 White Corvette

    I love the idea of jammers. I have a Valentine One given to me as a gift from my wife in 1992 when I owned a Subaru SVX. I am very disapointed that Valentine did not inform me of an update.They still have the same advertisedment they used in '92. My update if I need it will cost $189.00 according to their site. I guess its worth it. I've only had one ticket in 24 years and it was because I wasn't paying attention to my VI. I paid my way out of it for $360.00 (80 in a 55). Now with the Corvette I feel like I am a target more than with the '02 WRX I just got rid of. I have found your site and I love the idea of Jammers. It's just so cool that they can't "see" you. Will Veil help my car and these jammers will they help a white Vette? North Carolina is trackiong I40 they gave 1400 tickets in July alone. Mostly for people over 75 still you never know. Any help on the placement of the V1? I have read "high" on some responses.
    Where do they aim on a Corvette? Its not all fiberglass I know.



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    White cars are the easiest of all colors to get a lidar reading on. Black being the hardest, red inbetween(still considered dark color). If you are able to get a Jammer and can afford it I would say every lidar defense unit or product helps. However if you are tight on money, I would just buy a laser shield and a can of Veil. The most common place officers target is your license plate, so it really helps if you are in a state that does not require license plates in the front. If you must use a license plate in the front I would use a laser shield and Veil your headlights and parking lights, etc. I even veiled my front grill on mine. Having the flip up headlights down all the time makes it even harder for an officer to get a reading on you, there is less things to aim at for him. The things that matter the most is, the color of car, your license plate, headlights and any other small lights. And of course, big chrome grills or shiny emblems(anything reflective). Your car is one of the best for defense against lidar, especially with all the laser defense devices(Jammers,Veil, Laser shield etc.), and make sure its legal in your state for these items/devices. The only problem is your car is white. I am not sure how much of a difference it makes from a vechicle being black and a vechicle being white as far as a distance reading, but I do know the darker the harder. Btw 04 Vette, nice! *gives a vette wave*



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