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    Default Anyone running Spec Miata or Spec E30?

    As the title says. I've got the track bug big time but I think I'm to attached to the daily driver to let it see tons of track days with the risk of crashing, let alone the beating from the edge of the envelope driving (and consequent repairs of a European car). And eventually I'd like to get enough experience under my belt to go W2W so starting in a cheap competitive popular series is appealing (in that order ) So I'm lurking some of the forums and re-brushing up on the CCR and Spec Rules and will probably go re-read the GRM E30 articles out there. I figure it'll be a few years before I get too serious but for what the E30s go for (about the cost of a new SC that I'm approaching the end of life span for) having a project car in the garage next winter isn't out of the question if I can restrain from spending on mods for the current car and catch a streak of reliability.

    Info and first hand experience and links welcome

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    Default Re: Anyone running Spec Miata or Spec E30?

    I would love to get into Spec E30, but my E30 is my daily driver. I've also grown quite attached to it, and I don't think I could bring myself to rip apart the interior. My friend's brother is a BMW master tech, he just bought a Spec E30 car to race. Good luck on your quest, and I hope you choose to stay with E30! I love those damn cars.



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