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    Default Anti Laser License Plate mount.:)

    I just ordered a new grill for my 2000 Camaro SS, I really hate the stock "grille", which is really a hunk of misformed plastic.

    I love the look of the Jaguar XKR and such...... I ordered something look-a-like.

    Any way in Jersey, we have front plates...........Grrr

    My existing plate is bolted directly to the middle of the "grill"

    Here is my answer to both problems, 1: mounting and 2: Laser aimed at front plate.
    I am going to mount it as low as possible off the platic bumper, but I am gong to hinge it at the top of the plate and spring loaded...........HEHEHE.... :twisted:

    Standing still plate looks normal, at speed it folds back under the bumper and if I get to close to a curb, well I wont do that........LOL

    Of course I will get a ticket for too low or something..............who knows...........

    Have fun.................

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    Dont know about how strict your laws about no front license plate in Jersey are, but I had my front license plate off of my vette for over a month now in washington and still have not got pulled over.

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    In Jersey they are strict about mean $$$$$$$$$. So it is only a matter of time I suppose.

    But I am going to try it, worth the effort for me.

    HAve funnnn



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