So one of my buddies got tired of all of us just talking about one day doing a rally such as Gumball or something else, and put together a local rally for charity. So far we've received nearly $2000 in donations from various local companies. All of this money is being to donated to the American Cancer Association. The even sweeter part is that we've put together a prise pot for the winning car of $400. We have also received the good graces from the police agencies in all the cities we'll be driving through and one department even asked if we'd like roadblocks, and another said that they wont bother with calls from drivers about "racers" on the highway and that we'll be ok to hit speeds faster than 10 over, but we're still waiting to hear from highway patrol. All in all we're all excited for the even on May 2nd, and hoping the next one will have larger grid than just 20 cars.

tl;dr- Local car rally more or less created over night for charity gets police approval and community support.