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Thread: 1968 Impala SS

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    Default 1968 Impala SS

    I just figured I'd throw some pics up for s--ts and giggles. Me, my bro and old man had been looking for a classic for a few years now...I found this one online last July, and the seller made an offer we couldn't refuse. We try and take it out on the weekends to local shows when when everyone is free. It's got a .030 over bored out 454 Marine V8, with a 4 speed Muncie, 12 bolt posi rear, power steering and manual 4 wheel drum brakes . We are the 2nd owners of the car, the original owner bought it in the time it was a 327 automatic. We've put all new weatherstripping on it, had some holes in the floor panels fixed, replaced some interior chrome trim, and fixed a faulty alternator bracket. The paint is just about 25 years old, and looks pretty damn good short of some dings here and there.

    Here's some pics and a little video of the "proper" way to negotiate a highway on-ramp


    Here's the video (Don't forget to turn up the volume!!!!! and watch in high quality)

    [ame=]YouTube - 1968 Impala SS, Rolling Take Off[/ame]

    (These pics are from we went to go pick it up and trailer it home)

    (It just BARELY fit on that trailer)
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    Default Re: 1968 Impala SS

    Very, very nice!

    That is a hell of a car you've got there. It looks great and it must be a blast to drive

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    Default Re: 1968 Impala SS

    sweet ride! and a 4-speed very nice
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    Default Re: 1968 Impala SS

    I love it! The original look is awesome

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    Default Re: 1968 Impala SS

    Thats a beutiful piece of muscle metal there. I had a 67 327 auto for a couple years. It had the bench front seat and my girlfriend fit across it real nice

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    Default Re: 1968 Impala SS

    Beautiful car!

    The crazy thing I think of everytime I here old Impala is the pimp my ride Impala. Watch the whole video (3 parts) Kristoffer's '65 Chevy Impala | Video | MTV Turbo charged, bio-diesel.....
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