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    Default need some painting tips

    I want to paint the wiper arms on my car since the flat black paint is worn off. What is the best paint and method to do this without removing the arms (looks like a pain to get off)

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    Default Re: need some painting tips

    I really doubt it's that hard to remove...but if you insist on painting them in place, just make sure to cover ALL the rest of the front of the car with newspaper and painter's tape.

    You need to strip off all the old paint and make sure you have a clean surface that is relatively evenly roughed up. You can choose whether or not to start with primer, but after that you should spray multiple (3-5) light coats of color (probably black) paint. Then, same as the color, spray multiple (2-4) light coats of clearcoat.

    Try to do this in a cool, dry area that will not be particularly dusty or dirty, but of course make sure it is not completely enclosed without ventilation, because you have to breathe while painting!

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    Default Re: need some painting tips

    I say take the, say, 30 minutes to take them off. (Really like 2 minutes. They're probably on there with cotter pins...maybe a philips head...)

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    Default Re: need some painting tips

    you have to remove the arms , or cover the whole car with plastic, some havy grade if u don`t want spots after paint. i think is easy to remove , just mark where are before you remove them so when u installback have same area of moving.
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    Wiper arms which are simply attached with a large cap nut atop them are very easy to remove. Take off the bolt. The stud and the hole through the wiper arm usually are splined. So, all you have to do is to rock the arm back and forth slightly to work the arm up and off the splined stud. This takes all of a couple of minutes.

    Once the arms are off, wash them thoroughly using soapy water and some sort of scrub brush. An old tooth brush comes in handy for removing any stuck on dirt and bug guts. Let the arms thoroughly dry in the sun. To speed up drying, you could either spray or wipe the arms with isopropyl alcohol after the washing stage, or you could toss them in the kitchen oven with the temp set to around 120 to 130 degrees. I prefer the oven method. Leave the oven door cracked open so that the evaporating moisture can easily escape. Let the arms heat in the oven for 30 minutes, or let them dry in the sun for 1 hour.

    While the arms are drying in the sun or drying in the oven, grap two wire coat hangers and use some pliers to fashion them into long rods with hooks on each end. Hang up the coat hangers and then hang the wiper arms on the coat hangers. Now you can easily shoot the wiper arms from all angles.

    I prefer to use flat black Rustoleum primer paint for painting wiper arms. The initial spray coat should be fairly light and it should not make the arms completely flat black again. Wait 15 minutes after the initial coat and then apply another similar coat. Wait 1/2 hour after this second coat is applied, and then apply a final coat. Let this final coat dry outdoors for 1 hour. Then put the wiper arms in the oven set to its lowest temperature (usually 120 degrees) for 1 hour or however long it takes for you to be able to only barely smell any paint fumes coming out of the oven. Note that in all cases the oven door must be left cracked open by a couple of inches.

    Well, thats my method of painting wiper arms. The finished result will last for 5 years.

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    Default Re: need some painting tips

    I also want info on that one



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