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    Was wondering If there is anyone on this form that has a Honda CRX and could tell me a little about them. Thanks.

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    Well they came out in 1984, they were basically a fancy "sports" model off the Civic chassis. Previously the Prelude was a sporty Civic with Accord motor, then the Prelude went up to a Accord platform and the 2-seater Civic CRX hit the market.

    Apparently they can handle fairly well and are popular in Auto-X races (along with the original Mazda RX-7). The cars are very light, get very good gas milage (the CRX HF was the second best gas milage on the market, to the Geo Metro XFi, which was only a 3-cyl).

    But they will rust like a Ford from the '70's so watch out for that. CRX's used to be very popular in Montreal, now they are just dust, haven't seen one on the road in a long time. Pay particular attention to the reinforced underside sections, like the mounts for the suspension and etc. It might look nice on the outside but the first time you take a hard corner your wheels might fly off.



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